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I see psychotherapists, counselors, social workers, and coaches, for consultation. Consultation may include

  • Staying sane and well while you practice, lead, supervise, or direct.

  • Professional Development that honors the person or self of the therapist.

  • Mindful Entrepreneurship

  • Creative Marketing

  • Cultivating Cultural Humility 

  • Team Building

  • Mindful Conflict Resolution 

  • Systemic + Holistic Case Consultation

  • Mastermind group facilitation

  • Building a private practice based on your unique gifts, vision and clinical specialty.

  • Navigating complex systems in managed care/behavioral health.

Therapist Testimonials

carmen bessabt.jpg

"Dr. Hill helped me think through a pathway and niche in my respective field that is in alignment to my passion. Dr. Hill is gifted at learning what you are passionate about bringing it to the table so that your targeted group of people find you. Today,  I own my practice. I teach other intern students how to do therapy in healthy ways and learn more about the field. I’m hosting annual marriage retreats and preparing for a book series on family. The wisdom I have received and insight given while working with Dr. Hill is irreplaceable. What Dr. Hill teaches you takes you out of the textbook and into the reality of the business and clinical practice of therapy. Dr. Hill is phenomenal at learning you and what path would be great for you to explore and grow in."

---Carmen Bessant, LMFT

Maya Butler.png

"Dr. Hill has been incredibly vital to my success as a Licensed Professional Counselor. Her zeal and passion for supporting my career development and growth has given me the opportunity to increase my attunement in every area of my life. Over the past 6 years, her compassion and commitment to the personhood of who I am professionally and personally has positively shaped the foundation of my clinical practice with clients. I will be forever grateful for who I have become because of her mentorship."

--- Maya Butler, LMCH, NCC. 


"Before I started working with Dr. Hill  I often felt out of place often and insecure in myself and my work. I was so used to operating from a place of survival and anxiety my whole life that I worked from the same place. Today, I get to choose how I work and I know my worth.  Dr. Hill has taught me how to operate from a place of peace and serenity, person centered leadership, how to be loving to myself and uphold professional boundaries. Currently, I have elevated to a program director of a PHP and IOP treatment center."

--- Kamryn Rock, CAC1, Certified Addiction Counselor."

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