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Individual & Group Supervision + Supervision Mentorship 

 Approved Supervision

I carefully select post masters supervisees who are working on meeting clinical supervision requirements for Georgia Licensure. I am both a  AAMFT and GA Board Approved supervisor. My chosen style of supervision is informed by the self of the therapist model. The self of the therapist in clinical supervision addresses both the technical and personal components of the therapeutic process.

Technically, a therapist works within a model of therapy, fully or partially articulated, that includes a philosophy about therapy, standards for evaluation, and an arsenal of interventions to facilitate change. Personally, all therapists use themselves within the relationship with clients to establish trust with clients, develop empathy for them, and implement their interventions. All therapy is a marriage of the technical with the personal. Changes in society and in how we conduct our therapies offer a compelling argument for why therapists today need to be more aware and responsible for how they personally participate in and conduct their therapy


Approved Supervisor Mentorship 

Supervision mentoring is a service provided by an Approved Supervisor to a supervisor candidate as part of the training requirements for the Approved Supervisor designation. This has also been referred to as supervision-of-supervision. The major focus in supervision mentoring is on the development of the supervisor candidate’s supervisory abilities as opposed to an exclusive focus on clinical skills. 

What my Clients are saying...

"I have so many takeaways from supervision and that is what have kept me connected the past couple of years because Dr. Hill will continue to feed and nurture your mind as a therapist. I evolved in knowing that I do not have to over function in my role to be an impactful therapist because my role is to plant seeds and walk that journey along side of people. When I began supervision I was a full-time clinician at a residential treatment program for Mother’s. My journey has led me to grow into the role as the clinical program director of the residential treatment program for inpatient and outpatient. I am a Marriage and family therapist specializing in the mind and body experience in my own private practice “Healing Serenity, LLC”. Best part of my journey is that I became a yoga teacher along the way and that has placed me in space to be a more intentional teacher of the mind and body."

---Princess Odom, MAMFT, RYT-200

"Supervision with Dr. Hill was a big confidence booster for me. I wasn’t getting a whole lot of acknowledgement at my job in the initial stages of working there. So for me my time with Dr. Hill was EMPOWERING! Dr. Hill was the first person that told me that I was ready for leadership and helped to propel me towards that. I also appreciated the feedback I received about the work I was doing with my individuals. Today I am in a supervisory role at Serenity. I was promoted to a program manager back in February and am really enjoying the ability to make a greater impact. Words of wisdom: be confident, continue to use whatever position you are in as a learning opportunity, be ethical in your work, consult, consult, maintain positive relationships on your job, and shine as a MFT! Thank you Dr. Hill!"

---Toni J. Paschal, LMFT

"I have been working with Dr. Hill since my first internship in my graduate program. While I have so many take-aways from supervision, one of the most important is how Dr. Hill taps into the personhood of the therapist and helps develop our skills from that place. Dr. Hill has always shown compassion and care for her supervisees. The information and knowledge that she shares is priceless! Today, I am a fully licensed MFT working in a group private practice and enjoying all of the ways I get to work with individuals, couples, and groups."

---Kevin Morton, LMFT, LPC

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