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My Offerings are tailored to fit a variety of human systems. My work with all clientele is always creative, problem solving and person centered. 

Offerings are provided online via Zoom or

What my Clients are saying...

"I’ve been with Dr. Hill for two years, and it’s been two of the most empowering years filled with personal growth. Dr. Hill helped me get through a very traumatic divorce, and ever since, she has been helping guide me through the aftermath. She isn’t just a therapist, she’s a life coach, and I see her very much as a cheerleader. She’s never afraid to tell me what I need to hear (even if it’s a hard truth), and she isn’t there just to listen to me vent. She’s there to give me advice, encouragement, and sometimes a challenging and different perspective. If I moved half way across the world, I’d find a way to keep FaceTiming with her, because I’m not exaggerating when I say she is the best therapist. in Atlanta."

--- Kristen B. 

"When I was first introduced to Dr. Hill , I was dealing with anxiety and depression. While working on myself with the help of Dr. Hill I have been able to reach personal goals, set boundaries and apply personal challenges to my day to day life. Thanks to Dr. Hill,  I’m able to deal with life’s ups and downs while maintaining a well balance lifestyle. She’s more than just a therapist she’s a trusted ally."

--- Sandria F. 

"Dr. Hill is an incredible therapist, guide and mentor. She has such a unique way of guiding you through life difficulties and allows you to grow into a better version of you throughout the process. With so many medical professionals focusing solely on the diagnosis, Dr. Hill's work focuses on helping you develop emotional freedom. I am so lucky to have come across her, she has helped me tremendously."

---Tameka Ruffin, LCSW

"Working with Dr. Hill has given me the space to address, work through, and heal from many unresolved issues in my life. Dr. Hill displays empathy, compassion, and is always prepared every session to assist me with my life goals. I have grown and discovered so much about myself within the time of starting therapy with Dr. Hill. I am truly appreciative to have an advocate by my side as I navigating my way in life."

--- Amber W. 

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