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"There has never been, nor will there ever be, a life without problems. It is not the presence of problems but how we tackle them that determines the quality of our lives."

- Dr. Tequilla Hill

Meet Dr. Hill...


I am dedicated to helping people live more fully and freely.  I specialize in emotional wellness, stress management, and cultivating a joyful private practice.  I am also passionately committed to supporting fellow therapists that desire to nurture their own self-care. I offer somatic + wellness inspired consulting, coaching, workshops, and group experiences across the United States and Worldwide.  

Featured Services 

Somatic Guided Meditation (Virtual)

Fill Up Your Cup: Wellness Group for Therapists (Virtual) 

Specialty Populations

Mental Health Professionals

Medical & Health Professionals 


All Hands In

Rather than encouraging clients to focus on what is wrong with them, I believe in helping clients explore what is right with them. I create a space where clients can cultivate inner strength, self-love, and wisdom. As a psychotherapist I bring warmth, compassion, and deep empathy to my clients. 

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